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  • World Excellence in Yoga Training and Teaching
  • Profissional Training - CÆSYO 2013 - 1st Class
  • Profissional Training - CÆSYO 2013 - 1st Class
  • Profissional Training - CÆSYO 2013 - 1st Class

The Best Training in the World, the Most Complete, the Most Extensive Training of the World

The Yoga Portuguese Confederation prioritizes International Excellencence in the preservation of the Noble and Ancient Primordial Yoga (the Yoga - Sámkhya), as well as its teaching, where the chela (disciple) coexists always with the best of himself, in the Rája Sádhaná in 1h classes for beginners, and 2h - average level, Mahá Sádhaná - 3h and 4h – for advanced students, and Kundaliní Sádhaná - 5h, very advanced, and for World Specialist Teachers Formation at the Superior Yoga Degree (CESYO), where they learn “to see beyond the appearance”:

       6 years - 6.500 hours of training, to graduate as Yoga Instructors - equivalent to Graduation;

then 4 more years, a total of 10, to graduate as Professors of Yoga - equivalent to Master;

and 4 more years, a total of 14 years, to graduate as Yoga Masters - equivalent to P.H.D,

having already graduated hundreds of Yoga Teachers in Portugal – Specialist of Human beings, and edited some Yoga didactic material (books, CD’s and videos/DVD' s) of International quality.

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