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VOTE OF SALUTATION N.º 137/XII/2ª of the Portuguese Parliament



To the Candidacy of the Yoga Portuguese Confederation at the UNESCO
for the creation of theWorld Yoga Day - Unanimously approved by all the political parties -



Yoga is a philosophical system for personal development and an ancient millenary practical methodology, which is able to grant the human being, in all his aspects, a balanced and harmonious development, providing him a global perspective of human fraternity and solidarity.


There is an increasingly larger number of practitioners in Portugal, and the practice has been arousing a growing interest amongst the population, mainly in the youth, being also an activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle, which has as basis the principles of Respect and Equality.


Its benefits are recognized on the level of the reinforcement of self-awareness, the relation between the body / positive emotions, promoting an integral and prophylactic health, functional longevity, self-responsibility and self-demand by its practitioners.


This ancient millennial practice is guided by humanist principles, by the promotion of a Peace Culture and for preventing conflicts, for the intercultural dialogue, for the promotion of cultural diversity and for justice, fraternity and respect for the dignity of the human person.


At the National level, Yoga congregates tens of thousands of practitioners, in several Yoga Schools throughout the country, being a highly known Philosophy under visible growth.


Portugal is, since 2002 designated by its practitioners as one of the “World Stages of this Life’s Philosophy”, in virtue of the grand masters of the most ancient and main Yoga lineages in India, as well as from the four Continents, who meet here to celebrate the Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, which occurs on the 21st of June, an event to which all the main religions in the world, as well as the individualities of renown prestige and also the national and international institutions, attend.


Portugal has become, hence, one of the countries in the world were Yoga is most practiced, following the quality of the Traditional Yoga without any alterations, which India – the motherland of Yoga has been promoting.


The Portuguese Parliament, met in plenary session, salutes the candidacy of the Yoga Portuguese Confederation by the UNESCO, for the creation of the World Yoga Day, and all the people who practice Yoga, so that they may continue their efforts for a healthy life style and the promotion of peace and the ideals of fraternity and universal tolerance.



Palace of S. Bento, June 18th, 2013


Approved at the Plenary Session of 2013 June 28